“Ma’am, remember my NCOER is due soon.”

…one week later.

“Ma’am, did you write my NCOER?”

…two weeks later.

“Ma’am, were you able to do my NCOER.”

“Damn it. That’s right. I’m sorry, Sergeant. I’ll start this week, I promise.”

Has anyone ever seen that episode of Spongebob where he has to write an essay for boating school class, and all he comes up with is “THE”.

Sitting at my computer, watching the icon flash on the HRC website, I was Spongebob. I felt like I didn’t even know where to start. I recently entered the unit, and a month later I was writing a complete year’s review of my first platoon sergeant. My first NCOER was one of the most awkward, difficult pieces of Army writing I completed.

And even when I completed it…as I proudly presented my finished product to my platoon sergeant, his voice cracked a little bit as he replied,

“um…Ma’am, it needs more quantitative data. Here are some examples.”

And EVEN THEN, even with the examples he gave me, I ended up editing the NCOER draft he wrote for himself. Pathetic.

With this story in mind, this platoon sergeants helped me with some advice and an NCOER example. Thanks SFC Hemphill!

SFC Hemphill’s Words of Advice 

I felt this was my best NCOER because of all the things I accomplished during that rated period with the training of units to deploy to CENTCOM, applying my expertise, and I had earned my degree.

The 3 points for writing bullets for their NCO’s
– Make sure the bullets are written in past tense and straight to the point.
-What you write for that NCO has to be quantifiable and not fluff
-Try to write at least 3 bullets for each block.

Advice for writing an NCOER for a not so great NCO
– Be honest and truthful when writing that NCOER. If that NCO really didn’t perform great then the counseling you do quarterly should help you write that NCOER. If the NCO deserve one-line bullets it’s because no one held him accountable and help him strive to his potential.

Ive’s (that’s me!) Words of Advice

-Scrutinize little administrative things on the NCOER such as the Duty MOSC. Include the level (i.e. 20 level, 30 level, etc.)

-Make sure everyone is signing at the appropriate time. The order is: rater, senior rater, and rated Soldier.

– If you don’t have a great NCO, be honest. “Has potential” or “requires strong senior leadership to accomplish tasks” are some ways of communicating that who you are rating probably doesn’t need to get promoted any time soon.

-Under “Leadership” you must include that the NCO supported Army SHARP and EO programs

Ok, guys, this one was more short and to the point, ironically, like an NCOER! Happy writing! And remember ask your PSG or 1SG for help if you’re at a loss 🙂


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